Sunday, May 22, 2011

"The Big Comeback"

I can't remember when was the last time I was asked to do a 'finished illustration'!

I guess the past few years I've had so much of my mind wrapped around CGI and motion graphics I actually reveled at the change of pace to do this piece.

Our studio is moving back to Detroit this fall into the old Madison building in downtown Detroit and my boss asked me to do an illustration that would show this to help get some more buzz going around this. Funny thing about it though is that a lot of our clients are unaware that Skidmore Studio was actually established and started in Detroit back in 1959. Since that time the company has moved to a few different places... we're currently in Royal Oak.

Obviously I'm beyond excited about this move! Especially, since I won't be no more than 5 minutes away when the studio moves down here (did I forget to mention I live in downtown Detroit?).

The city has had many negative things thrown at it in recent years, but to me this is my home and it's mine. I see the good, as well as the bad and have had my own personal drama with the city. But this is where I was born, this is where I was raised and this is where I currently live...and what I have seen recently with my own eyes encourages me that this town is SLOWLY coming back.

I have to give a lot of props and respect to Tim Smith (my boss) for setting this move in motion and having the same believe and vision that I have for this city.

Now playing....'The Big Comeback"

CG concept of piano

Hey Guys-
Been quite awhile since my last post but here are some renders I did a few weeks ago.
Based off a roughly drawn sketch by the client ( who actually is going to build this) I used Maya
for the pre-vis of what this piano would look like. It's being done for a 'hella' vocalist and pianist by the name of Marsha Ambrosius, who used to be one half of the group 'Floetry'. The client thought it would be cool to have the shape of the piano in the shape of an 'M' (for Marsha).